Instructions on how to turn on hidden files and folders within Windows in order to navigate to a hidden folder location. If you are going to install a Word add-in manually, you need to find the Word STARTUP folder. In order to do that, the folder must be visible.

There select the Pin to Quick access option on the context menu to pin it to the sidebar. Most options here are useless and other important shortcuts are simply missing. I don’t like to have the Recycle Bin shortcut on my desktop. In fact, I have very few folders and files on my desktop. If you are like me and don’t want to Recycle Bin on desktop but still need a handy way to access it, you can create a shortcut to the same right inside File Explorer.

What Is File Explorer

However, if you do need to access these system files, you can configure the File Explorer settings on your computer to show hidden system files. This default setting in Windows 10 is designed to protect these system files from being accidentally modified or deleted. The default setting in Windows File Explorer is to hide or prevent certain system files from being viewed. To launch elevated Command Prompt , type “command prompt” in Search and click on the“Command Prompt” result, then pick the“Run as administrator” option from the contextual menu. To utilize Command Prompt, you have to enter a valid command together with any parameters that are optional. Now you are going to have the ability to see all of the folders and files on your system which are typically hidden.

  • Let’s take a look at all the ways you can hide or unhide any file, folder, and drive on your computer.
  • On Windows 10, support for HEIF comes pre-installed on every installation starting with the October 2018 Update.
  • To delete all hidden files from a given directory we can run the below command.

If you have faced this problem with your SD card, then you need to apply some simple techniques to recover hidden files. You can use Google Chrome, File Explorer, and attrib command to view or show the files again. But how you do it, we have covered the methods here for your convenience. Besides, we studied and tried to figure out the reasons behind this issue, along with recommending recovery software. Go to Control Panel and open Folder Options.

Use A Keyboard Shortcut

Now, I believe you have a rough understanding of File Explorer. You can add this webpage to your bookmark so as to you can read it at any time. Here you can set the allocated size as you wish to C drive, and click “OK”.

That said, sometimes, Windows updates get confused and delayed. What you need to do is take matters into your own hands download api-ms-win-downlevel-kernel32-l1-1-0_dll. Since the October 2018 update, Windows 10 supports HEIC. So, you’re wondering, why can’t your OS open them? After all, Windows 10 is Microsoft’s latest OS, and you’ve enabled automatic updates. Now, go back to your media folder, and you should be able to play HEIC, HEIF, and HEVC files just fine.